Falquon Wood

Wood panels are a high-class floor that faithfully reflects the beauty and warmth of wood.

If you dream of a wooden floor, but are concerned about its delicacy, choose the floor from the wood collection.

It is a collection of 17 patterns and shades, reproducing different types of wood.

The expressiveness of rings and structures guarantees a faithful reproduction of the original.

See our products in your environment.

Use Floorstudio to plan your floors virtually. With the tool you are able to view all decors of Falquon‘s THE FLOOR Flooring products in either the provided roomshots or even in your own room.

SPC Falquon Wood
SPC Falquon
Test Characteristics Test Method
Level of use 23/33 DG AC5
abrasion resistance ≥ 5000 U EN 16511
Inflammability Bfl-S1 EN 15468
Dimensional stability ≤ 0,15 % EN 13501
Slip resistance DS EN ISO 23999
Slip restraint R10  EN 13893
Impact sound improvement LW = 17dB DIN 51130
Thermal resistance 0,0375 m² K/W ISO 712/2
Suitable for underfloor heating ☑ max. 27‎°C EN 12667
Thickness swelling ≤ 0,05 % ISO 24336
Micro scratch resistance ≤ MSR-A2 | MSR-B2 EN 16094
residual indentation ≤ 0,15 mm EN ISO 24343-1
Schock resistance
(large Ball)
≥ 1600 mm EN 13329
VOC Emission ☑ passed AgBB 2015



    Easy installation

    Installation of KRONOTEX Flooring with Clic System – 5G without hammer for .. Happy End!