Route 66

The Route 66 products are available in a wide colour range and have an aesthetic appearance thanks to the chips embedded in the surface. The floorings of this range were designed for heavy-duty application. Due to their surface structure these products have good abrasion and slip resistance properties which provide permanently safe walking surface int he vehicles. While having good dimensional stability, products of Route 66 are flexible due to the “Flexyback” backing, that makes their installation easier.

The chips embedded into the surfaces of Route 66 products that are available in a multitude of colours provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance. They offer solutions to individual needs due to their variety of width and thickness. The products featuring ‘Flexyback’ allow for easy installation.

Color 15 Color 20 NV Color 20 Color 20
Thickness EN 428 1,5 mm 2,0 mm 2,0 mm 2,0 mm
Thickness of wear layer EN 429 0,7 mm 0,9 mm 0,9 mm 0,9 mm