Grabo Voyage



Grabo Voyage transport vinyl floorings are available both in rolls and in tailor-made sizes.

Main characteristics of Grabo Voyage transport floorings


• Slip-resistance surface
• Excellent flame resistance
• Low smoke emissions
• Easy
• Possible to form wall-strings and safety marks
• Possible to create an impermeable surface


• High wear resistance
• Excellent resistance to fatigue
• Grabo Voyage products easily preserve their original aesthetic properties

Easy application

• Very good durability-weight ratio
• Flexibility
• With or without non-woven textile backing (Flexiback)

Tailor-made products

• Wide range of products and designs
• Two different standard widths
• Tailor-made products, logos and inscriptions

• More than 25 years of experience
• ISO 9001:2000
• 13 years guarantee

Characteristics of Grabo Voyage transport floorings:

• Safe: slip resistance and flame resistance products
• Durable: due to their special structure and surface the Grabo Voyage products they have long life-expectancy
• Dimension stable: their dimensions are stable during the whole life of the Grabo Voyage products
• Tailor-made: Grabo Voyage products are available in different thicknesses, widths, roll lengths and backings
• Comprehensive: reach choice of colours and surfaces
• Flexible: easy and fast installation
• Waterproof: Grabo Voyage transport floorings are impermeable
• Easy cleaning: Using Grabo Voyage floorings means low maintenance costs
• Guaranteed: Grabo Voyage transport floorings have a “13 years guarantee”



    Easy installation

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