Plastocell Underlay Materials

Plactocell Underlay Materials

Our products protect your products

Polyethylene Foams
Laminated with HDPE film

Measurement Method
Thickness of Material Factory Measurements  3mm (±5%)
Format Factory Measurements 104cm x 2500cm (±5%)
Bulk Density ASTM D 3575-00 20 kg/m3 (±5%)
Moisture Absorption ASTM D 3575-00 Suffix L  ≤ 0,1 lb/ft²
Thermal Stability ASTM D 3575-00 Suffix S  ≤ 5%
Oxidation on contact Method 3005 FED std. 101  KAMIA
Thermal Conductivity -k value ASTM C518-91  0,35 – 0,42 btu/hr ft² ºF



    Easy installation

    Installation of KRONOTEX Flooring with Clic System – 5G without hammer for .. Happy End!