Selit Underlay Materials

SELIT Dämmtechnik GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of insulating underlay materials for parquet and laminate floors.

See the available products for underfloor heating SELITFLEX® 1,6mm, SELIT-PRO® 2mm Aqua Stop, ÖKOLIT® 2mm (cork)

Selit offers a full range of high efficiency products


The 2 in 1 combination products of the series SELITFLEX® offer an insulating underlay and a moisture barrier in one product. Thanks to that they are ideal for new buildings, basements and as a compensating material. SELITFLEX® offers excellent sound impact insulation performance and high stability under pressure. Ideally suited with underfloor heating (1,6 mm thickness)

No 70218
Material Expanded polystyrene foam with integrated vapour-barrier film
Format 1,20χ15 m=18m2
Bulk Density c.a. 18 kg/m3
Thickness of Material 1,6 mm
Compression Strength 3,1 t/m2
Fire Protection Class E1 / EN 13501-1
Thermal conduction resistance 0,040 M2 KW / DIN 4108
Deflection temperature under load up to +60oC
Impact sound improvement level 20 dB
Vapor permeability (sd) >100 m
Compatibility with underfloor heating Ideally suited laminate up to 11 mm. parquet up to 14 mm


For environmentally-conscious renovation, install insulating materials from the OEKOLIT® series. All underlayers are fully recyclable and are based on natural raw materials, or are largely from recycled plastic. The products of the OEKOLIT® series are particularly recommended when laying laminate flooring on wooden sub-flooring (Natural 2mm cork)

Number 70607
Material Φυσικός φελλός
Format 1χ15 m=15 m2
Bulk Density c.a. 200 kg/m3
Thickness of material 2mm
Compression strength <6,5 t/m2
Fire protection class E1 EN 13501-1
Thermal conduction resistance 0,04 M2 KW / DIN 4108
Impact sound improvement level 17 dB
Moisture absorbtion <1%
Compatibility with underfloor heating Συμβατό για laminate έως 9mm


The products of the SELIT-PRO® series cover the professional field of parquet and laminate bases. Thanks to the excellent sound impact insulation performance of three different acoustic mats, the products improve acoustic properties by up to 50% and optimise room acoustics. SELIT-PRO® offers an extremely high-pressure resistance and is ideal for floor heating.( SELIT-PRO® 2mm-aqua stop)

Number 70692
Material mineral filled PU + vapor barrier
Format 1χ8,5 m=8,5 m2
Bulk Density c.a. 14 kg/m2
Thickness of Material 2mm
Compression strength 6,5t/m2
Fire protection class B1-s1 / EN 13501-1
Thermal conduction resistance 0,01 M3 KW / DIN 52616
Impact sound improvement level 18dB
Moisture absorbtion 21% ( EPLFO21029-5)
Compatibility with underfloor heating Very Suitable



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