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Competence Centre for Production of Laminate Flooring
KRONOTEX GmbH & Co. KG ranks among the leading manufacturers of wood-based materials, with an annual production capacity of about 60 million square metres of laminate flooring at one site.
After its establishment at the Heiligengrabe, Germany site in 1993, KRONOTEX began producing medium-density fibreboard (MDF) products. Short-cycle presses were installed to coat the raw boards, thus paving the way for the manufacture of laminate flooring with HDF cores beginning in 1995. The production capacity was continually increased over time while also improving quality and introducing a steady stream of innovations, thus driving above-average growth in every respect.
Based on these outstanding achievements – unique in the industry – KRONOTEX quickly advanced to become one of Europe’s leading producers of laminate flooring.

The company offers customer-focused solutions comprising involving innovative, eco-friendly products and backed by comprehensive consulting and support. In awareness of its responsibility to society, KRONOTEX produces bespoke wood-based products using wood, a natural raw material.

Strong arguments for KRONOTEX laminates

KRONOTEX is one of the world’s first manufacturers to offer a complete collection of glueless laminating flooring systems. Customers in more than 70 countries are already convinced of the benefits offered by the unique properties of our “Clic Generation” products, including all-round edge seals to keep out moisture.

There are many reasons why KRONOTEX floors are always the best choice:
• KRONOTEX floors are rugged and easy to clean and maintain.
• KRONOTEX floors are abrasion-resistant.
• KRONOTEX floors are fire-retardant.
• KRONOTEX floors are made with renewable natural raw materials.
• KRONOTEX floors are virtually resistant to cigarette burns.
• KRONOTEX floors are comfortable to walk on and are of course also available with an acoustically insulating underlayment.
• KRONOTEX floors are lightfast and non-fading; they still look great after years.
• KRONOTEX floors are ideally suited for laying over hydronic radiant floor heating.
• Kronotex floors are rugged and compression-resistant.
• KRONOTEX floors are stain-resistant.


Easy installation

Installation of KRONOTEX Flooring with Clic System – 5G without hammer for .. Happy End!