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    Competence Centre for Production of Laminate Flooring
    KRONOTEX GmbH & Co. KG ranks among the leading manufacturers of wood-based materials, with an annual production capacity of about 60 million square metres of laminate flooring at one site.
    After its establishment at the Heiligengrabe, Germany site in 1993, KRONOTEX began producing medium-density fibreboard (MDF) products. Short-cycle presses were installed to coat the raw boards, thus paving the way for the manufacture of laminate flooring with HDF cores beginning in 1995. The production capacity was continually increased over time while also improving quality and introducing a steady stream of innovations, thus driving above-average growth in every respect.
    Based on these outstanding achievements – unique in the industry – KRONOTEX quickly advanced to become one of Europe’s leading producers of laminate flooring.

    The company offers customer-focused solutions comprising involving innovative, eco-friendly products and backed by comprehensive consulting and support. In awareness of its responsibility to society, KRONOTEX produces bespoke wood-based products using wood, a natural raw material.


    Strong arguments for KRONOTEX laminates

    KRONOTEX is one of the world’s first manufacturers to offer a complete collection of glueless laminating flooring systems. Customers in more than 70 countries are already convinced of the benefits offered by the unique properties of our “Clic Generation” products, including all-round edge seals to keep out moisture.

    There are many reasons why KRONOTEX floors are always the best choice:
    • KRONOTEX floors are rugged and easy to clean and maintain.
    • KRONOTEX floors are abrasion-resistant.
    • KRONOTEX floors are fire-retardant.
    • KRONOTEX floors are made with renewable natural raw materials.
    • KRONOTEX floors are virtually resistant to cigarette burns.
    • KRONOTEX floors are comfortable to walk on and are of course also available with an acoustically insulating underlayment.
    • KRONOTEX floors are lightfast and non-fading; they still look great after years.
    • KRONOTEX floors are ideally suited for laying over hydronic radiant floor heating.
    • Kronotex floors are rugged and compression-resistant.
    • KRONOTEX floors are stain-resistant.

    Decor of New Collection 2013


    For many, the best is just about good enough. And if you are always striving towards perfection as well, then there is only one floor for you: Mammut from Kronotex. It combines the best features of Robusto, Dynamic and Exquisit, and is thus the absolute Nonplus-Ultra of laminate floors. Whether used universally, for extremely heavy loads or to create a sophisticated and natural look, Mamm ut is a floor which can meet all requirements. The panels are extra hard, extra long and, what’s more, extra practical. An outstanding feature of the patterns and hues is their country cottage character and the fascinating, authentic natural wood look.

    MAMMUT Plus

    While being based on the first-rate properties of the MAMMUT series, MAMMUT plus delivers even more authenticity, an even large selection of versions, and even greater perfection. MAMMUT plus comprises nine different MAMMUT decors in extra-wide planks. These impressive oak themes with various brown and grey hues excel with their elegant, authentic natural wood look, and their wide format will imbue your home with a comfortable country house atmosphere. This, together with the floors’ extreme robustness and suitability for virtually any application, make MAMMUT plus satisfy even the most demanding expectations.


    There are situations in life where one needs a thick skin. Where one has to be very resilient and tough. Which is why Robusto is also the perfect floor for extreme levels of use. With its high-density, 12-mm thick fibreboard and an especially wear-resistant surface, it can cope with pretty much anything to which it is exposed. Even if used for commercial purposes….


    Be graceful. Prove style. With Amazone, the floor for everyone who appreciates the exclusive and the extraordinary. It combines conventional beauty with individual fashioning opportunities, and thus lends that special something to every setting. Amazone floorings are narrow and long, which creates a particularly graceful look. This also helps create the most fascinating of patterns….


    Separate nautical decors of particular elegance and quality: Hungarian Oak, Oak Galiano, Cumbrian Maple, Canyon Andiroba and Plateau Maple. The floorings are only 113 mm wide and have strips made from aluminium. This produces an effect of particular noblesse and increased chic. This effect is increased to extraordinary brilliance in the version with panels finished in high gloss and in the popular silk matt version….


    Exquisit is a floor which is as noble and natural as wood. It is perfection itself, radiates warmth and comfort and is as pleasant to walk upon as solid wood. Its synchronised, embossed grain and the matt surface shimmer give it an authentic structure and create a warm, natural atmosphere. And the carefully milled V-groove also contributes to the typical, representative floorboard look….


    EXQUISIT plus is characterised by carefully selected, exquisite decors featuring a variety of natural wood looks. Their elegant, evenly embossed surfaces with a matt shimmer and near-natural grain leave no doubt about this collection’s perfection and high quality. Whether you love fishbone patterns or sublime colour contrasts, the EXQUISIT plus collection offers you decors that put the spotlight on your room’s floor. The extra-wide panels make it easy for you to create elegant, generously dimensioned rooms and evoke a unique feel-good ambience. Precisely milled V-grooves put the finishing touches to the impression of an authentic wood plank floor.


    A floor unlike any you have ever seen before – one which only Kronotex can create with such luxury and fascination. A highly-elegant look, a compelling effect, a sophisticated design. GLAMOUR cannot fail to impress with its sophisticated, highly exclusive look as well as with its typical Kronotex usage properties….


    Don’t even think of letting the small things hold you back. Instead, show what you’re made of. It is clear statements that count, so grab the bull by the horns. With Mega , the floor for quick, budget-friendly installation in spacious areas. It is the XXL -version of Kronotex floors but also shows an abundance of feeling and versatility…..


    Dynamic! A floor with which you can express your entire individuality. It can be used anywhere, is extremely resilient and, above all else, offers a unique variety of patterns and hues. All this makes Dynamic the perfect floor for your ideas. Develop your full potential and live your life as you want to live it….

    DYNAMIC Plus

    Laminate flooring with a certain added touch – that’s DYNAMIC plus. Unusual themes that excel with an extra dose of passion and esprit. This family’s fresh, versatile decors, such as GEO OAK and KONNEX NATURAL, will both surprise and inspire you. DYNAMIC plus plus lets you give free rein to your individuality and creativity. These floors are characterised by suitability for any imaginable use, including very demanding ones, without sacrificing any of their outstanding comfort.


    Advanced is an economic rugged floor with a new 1 strip décor. Its synchronised, embossed grain and the matt surface shimmer give it an authentic structure and create a warm, natural atmosphere. The V-groove ( V4 ) contributes to the typical, representative floorboard look. And if you want, your Advanced floor can move around with you. It can be easily removed and re-installed somewhere else –even in small used commercial areas.


    The floor of SMART series is a true expert – and has an excellent price / performance ratio. In living areas, it can withstand almost any degree of wear and it is even suitable for commercial areas with moderate or occasional use.


    SMART is a genuine all rounder – and features an outstanding price/performance ratio. In living areas, it can withstand almost any degree of wear and is even suitable for commercial areas with moderate or occasional use….


    Quality can be affordable. Despite of the small thickness, floors of Basic collections have great strength and are moisture resistant.
    Ideal for house and offices with little use.
    The technology clic2clic helps to easy installation without glue….



    Innovations are indispensable for profitable growth. Knowing this, we strive to optimise our research and development activities. This yields innovations that add value and are therefore successful in the marketplace. The foundation of our business success with innovative wood-based materials is our employees, who work with wood, a natural raw material, with motivation, interest and creativity.

    KRONOTEX taps into this innovative potential to open up new markets. Sister companies within the SWISS KRONO GROUP also supply products with identical profiles and decors. This maximises security for unforeseeable cases and fosters enormous trust on the part of our business partners right from the outset.

    KRONOTEX is one of the world’s first manufacturers to offer a complete laminate flooring system: floors between six and 12 millimetres thick with vinyl or coated surfaces (in some cases, cured using electron beams) and our patented “Clic” technology. Customers in more than 70 countries are now firmly convinced of the benefits offered by the innovative product attributes of the “Clic Generation”, such as all-round edge sealing to keep out moisture.

    In the future as well, we will continue promoting a creativity-inspiring climate at our enterprise to drive the successful introduction of a steady stream of further KRONOTEX ideas to the wood-based materials market.



    Not only do Kronotex floors meet the prescribed norms, they consistently exceed them!
    This is possible because Kronotex adopts a fully-integrated approach to production (from the tree through to the finished panel), and has numerous control and measuring devices at its disposal. For this reason, Kronotex can offer guarantees which go far and beyond warranties under law. You will be hard pressed to find any other producer who can do likewise.

    Kronotex GmbH & Co. KG (in the following: Kronotex) provides buyers in addition to the unencumbered guarantee under law, an additional guarantee covering the abrasion resistance of the floor’s surface. It extends from the date of purchase and covers the products as follows:
    Conditions of guarantee

    Kronotex laminate panels must be checked before and during installation for any defects. No liability is accepted for laminate flooring installed despite visible defects. Kronotex laminate floors must be installed properly according to the instructions, in a dry room, and in accordance with the respective use class. No liability is accepted for Kronotex laminate floors installed in damp rooms. Abrasion areas on Kronotex laminate floors must be clearly visible and at least 1cm² in size. And in particular the design layer must be completely abraded. No liability is accepted for abrasion on the edges of the elements or for unusual or improper use, and in particular for damage caused by mechanical stress.

    Validity of guarantee is dependent on regular cleaning and maintenance of Kronotex floors as described in the care instructions.
    Claims under guarantee are valid only if submitted within 30 days of ascertaining damage and accompanied by the original receipt from the retailer. In investigating a guarantee claim, Kronotex retains the right to examine the floor in question on site.
    Our guarantee

    In cases falling under guarantee, Kronotex will deliver a replacement for the damaged element. If the flooring in question is no longer available, then the buyer can choose a replacement of equal value from the current Kronotex product line.
    Since an annual 10% depreciation in the value of Kronotex laminates can be assumed, delivery of a compensation product is dependent on payment of the appropriate difference by the buyer.
    No liability is accepted for further damages, especially consequential damages such as those incurred during installation or removal, or transport costs for damaged Kronotex laminate floors.