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    Compression resistance combined with elasticity are the crucial properties of a highly effective acoustically insulating board for laying under hardwood and laminate flooring. Thanks to a newly developed production technology, KRONOTHERM sound ideally meets these requirements. KRONOTHERM sound consists of natural wood fibres which are three-dimensionally interlinked with environmentally friendly binding fibres in an ecologically sound process.

    Especially when laid beneath hardwood and laminate flooring, KRONOTHERM shifts the high, bright sound frequencies typical of light foams to lower frequencies that are more agreeable to the human ear. This greatly enhances the sense of wellbeing in a room.



    The resonance peak is shifted downward from about 800 Hz to about 320 Hz, or by about four thirds (more than an octave), in a more pleasant frequency range. Studies have also shown that the intensity of high frequencies in particular is significantly reduced by between 15 and 18 dB.


    These properties were demonstrated by comparative test series conducted by an independent testing lab (a condensed report is available on request; ask for PB III/S-05-153-6).


    KRONOTHERM sound
    also substantially improves impact sound insulation, thus greatly reducing noise propagation to floors below and improving living quality. KRONOTHERM sound 5 mm thick attenuates footfall sound by Δ Lw = 21 dB. Corresponding studies were carried

    The improvement in sound levels achieved with KRONOTHERM sound is assessed as follows:

    • + 0,5 dB (A) – Improvement only perceptible under good acoustic conditions
    • + 1,0 dB (A) – The threshold at which the improvement becomes noticeable
    • + 3,0 dB (A) – Signal energy reduced by half
    • + 6.0 dB (A) – Sound level reduced by half
    • + 10,0 dB (A) – Subjective volume reduced by half

    Owing to its stability and resistance to compression, KRONOTHERM sound is ideally suited for glueless laying systems. The most rigorous method for testing joints in these laying systems and underlying layers is the chair roller test. In close cooperation with Kronotex Fussboden GmbH & Co. KG, the world’s leading maker of laminate flooring, we conducted long test series that clearly demonstrated the excellence performance of KRONOTHERM sound. This product’s properties make it superior to nearly all other commercially available subfloor materials.

    KRONOTHERM sound is very easy to use and install, does not give off any dust or loose fibres, and is suitable for use over hydronic radiant floor heating systems.

    KRONOTHERM sound excels with long-term dimensional stability and can compensate for unevenness of the floor or soiling up to 3 mm thick without creating sound bridges that could otherwise permanently interfere with its noise-attenuating properties.

    KRONOTHERM sound is also very pleasant to the touch and skin-friendly. Its skin compatibility has been demonstrated by a study.

    SWISS KRONO sound plus

    SWISS KRONO greenline

    Technical Specifications » PDF Compatible with underfloor heating

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