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    Innovations are indispensable for profitable growth. Knowing this, we strive to optimise our research and development activities. This yields innovations that add value and are therefore successful in the marketplace. The foundation of our business success with innovative wood-based materials is our employees, who work with wood, a natural raw material, with motivation, interest and creativity.

    KRONOTEX taps into this innovative potential to open up new markets. Sister companies within the SWISS KRONO GROUP also supply products with identical profiles and decors. This maximises security for unforeseeable cases and fosters enormous trust on the part of our business partners right from the outset.

    KRONOTEX is one of the world’s first manufacturers to offer a complete laminate flooring system: floors between six and 12 millimetres thick with vinyl or coated surfaces (in some cases, cured using electron beams) and our patented “Clic” technology. Customers in more than 70 countries are now firmly convinced of the benefits offered by the innovative product attributes of the “Clic Generation”, such as all-round edge sealing to keep out moisture.

    In the future as well, we will continue promoting a creativity-inspiring climate at our enterprise to drive the successful introduction of a steady stream of further KRONOTEX ideas to the wood-based materials market.



    Not only do Kronotex floors meet the prescribed norms, they consistently exceed them!
    This is possible because Kronotex adopts a fully-integrated approach to production (from the tree through to the finished panel), and has numerous control and measuring devices at its disposal. For this reason, Kronotex can offer guarantees which go far and beyond warranties under law. You will be hard pressed to find any other producer who can do likewise.

    Kronotex GmbH & Co. KG (in the following: Kronotex) provides buyers in addition to the unencumbered guarantee under law, an additional guarantee covering the abrasion resistance of the floor’s surface. It extends from the date of purchase and covers the products as follows:



    We bear a double responsibility. One is our responsibility to society, which includes succeeding in business so we can offer our employees job security. Another is facing up to the enormous challenge of protecting the climate, conserving our finite reserves of fossil fuels and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

    We use a natural raw material – wood – and environmentally compatible binders to make modern wood-based materials with the ecological profiles of health- and eco-friendly products. All KRONOTEX products are manufactured using a consistently eco-friendly process and comply with the most demanding technical and environmental requirements. We have implemented and integrated an energy management system that an independent institution has audited and certified as conforming to the stipulations of DIN EN 16001. By means of this system, we have reduced the energy requirements of buildings, electrically powered equipment and transport. The amounts of water, energy and other resources required are systematically measured, recorded and communicated. Our energy management system also includes regular checks and assessments of the environmental situation as well as continual ecological and technical optimisation of all processes. You can download the certificates granted for our energy management system and many others at Services -> Downloads -> Certificates.

    Protection of the environment, occupational safety and measures to safeguard health are anchored in KRONOTEX’s environmental protection guidelines and proactively implemented in accordance with our environmental management system. Both management and employees work responsibly to ensure high value creation while also improving our environmental performance. In the brochure “I love my planet … and eco-friendly wood-based materials”, KRONOTEX shows and describes how it succeeds in producing modern wood-based materials for healthy living using consistently environmentally friendly methods and processes. You can download this brochure free of charge under Services -> Downloads -> Brochures.

    Institute Construction and Environment e.V. Interesting facts
    Our Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are globally acknowledged and accepted Type III environmental labels conforming to ISO 14025.
    … of the Environment Less is often more – especially in the case of wood-based materials.By turning natural wood into our wood-based materials, we keep the carbon (C) in it bound up. Less carbon dioxide is therefore released into the environment than if the wood were burnt or allowed to rot. This reduction in CO2 emissions helps safeguard the environment and translates into healthier living.

    CO2 wird langfristig als Kohlenstoff C in KRONOTEX-Laminatfußböden gespeichert … and also long-term in KRONOTEX laminate floorings.

    Physik / Physical Contaminants
    Elektrische Wechselfelder /
    Alternating electrical fi elds
    Magnetische Wechselfelder /
    Alternating magnetic fi elds
    Hochfrequente Wellen / High-frequency signals
    Elektrische Gleichfelder / Static electrical fi elds
    Magnetische Gleichfelder / Static magnetic fi elds
    Radioaktivität / Radioactivity
    Schallwellen / Sound waves
    Geologische Störungen / Geological disturbances
    Biologie / Biological
    Schimmelpilze / Moulds
    Hefen / Yeasts
    Bakterien / Bacteria
    Mikrobielle Stoffwechselprodukte /
    Microbial metabolites
    Hausstaubmilben / Dust mites

    Chemie / Chemical
    Formaldehyd / Formaldehyde
    Lösemittel / Solvents
    Pestizide / Pesticides
    Holzschutzmittel / Wood preservatives
    Flammschutzmittel / Flame retardants
    Weichmacher / Plasticisers
    PAK / PAH
    PCB / PCB
    Partikel / Particulates
    Mineralfaser / Mineral fi bres
    Asbest / Asbestos
    Kohlendioxid / Carbon dioxide